Shawar3y speaks English

I've been thinking about that more the once, why not to have some posts in English, yes most of what I say here only concerns us as Egyptians or Arabs, yet there are other issues I want non Arabs to hear and read, so I decided to reach them, and let them know who we really are, and what we think about and some time justify our reactions to what happens here or there ...

And as this is to be considered as my first post in English, I would like to introduce myself to English readers, I'm a 32 Egyptian man, who truly loves his country and truly cares about its future. What I write here is mainly about my people, about their problems, their hopes and dreams, their happiness and their anger, and all in all this has to do with me as I'm one of these people.

Now about the name of my blog, at the very beginning when I cam to choose a name, I wanted something both unique, new and still close to the people, there have been more than a choice in my mind, then all of a sudden this name sparkled in my mind; Shawar3y! it is pronounced "shawar'ey", it means "My streets", streets of my country! You may wonder what the digit "3" is doing in before the "Y"? Well it is quite simple, we have a letter in Arabic that is written in a way similar somehow to "3", so I thought it would be nice to have it this way.

I hope I could make myself clear, and surely we will meet soon in a coming post.